Coriolis by Lillian

California Syrah 2019

California Syrah 2019

Coriolis by Lillian California Syrah 2019 - K. Laz Wine Collection
$59.00 each
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An incredible buy thanks to the pedigree of fruit and winemaking team makes this an easy buy wine. This 2019 comes to us from White Hawk Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. As an SQN alum, Maggie Harrison became familiar with this premier grower vineyard from her days working there as did Andremily’s Jim Binn, who also now gets fruit from there too. After letting the wine open in the glass for a few minutes, dark fruit begins to unwind with some mineral and cedar notes. It’s not jammy, but rather more precise and structured. It’s a very good wine at its price point. I think it will be even more giving with another year or two in the bottle. 

This second wine from Maggie Harrison comes from her Lillian Syrah in Santa Barbara County at an incredible price given the quality and all the proceeds are given to cancer charity. In more technical terms, which is befitting of Maggie’s personality, Coriolis is named after the French scientist who first coined this term that describes the way in which the earth's natural movements can be used to generate power. The main idea: like a water wheel harnesses a natural force to generate something more powerful, producing Coriolis wine is Antica Terra and Lillian’s way of turning what they do into a force for the greater good. After working with Manfred Krankl of Sine Qua Non for eight years, Maggie launched her own wine project, Lillian Wines. Lillian specializes in Rhone Varietals from Central Coast and in 2005, Oregon became her home when some of her friends asked her to visit them in Willamette’s Eola-Amity Hills AVA and check out Antica Terra’s vineyards. Today, she makes Lillian and Antica Terra in Oregon and Coriolis is the sister label to Antica Terra with 100% of the profits being donated to the Phil Knight Cancer Challenge.

Technical Information
  • Country USA
  • Region Santa Barbara County