Whole Bean Coffee- 8oz canister with Shipping Included

Whole Bean Coffee- 8oz canister with Shipping Included

K. LAZ WINE COLLECTION Whole Bean Coffee- 8oz canister with Shipping Included - K. Laz Wine Collection
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We recently partnered with Hedonic Terroir-Driven Coffee to create this proprietary blend of K. LAZ WINE COLLECTION Coffee. This coffee is designed for wine lovers who want to get deeper into coffee by exploring the unique sensory parallels our two favorite beverages share. In essence, it’s for those who care as much about what’s in their morning cup of coffee as in their glass of wine. To ensure this, we roast the beans at the local roastery co-op upon order. 

Like with wine, where coffee is grown, how it is farmed and what type of beans the final blend is comprised of matters. We tasted multiple different types of blends to create this final blend, which is comprised of 100% Sumatra coffee, sourced from the stunning Karo Highlands of Indonesia’s most famous coffee-growing lands. Smallholding farmers in the district of Paranginan, Humbahas Province, planted trees of the Tim Tim, Catimor, and Lasuna varieties of Arabica ranging in elevation between 3600-4430 feet. This green coffee was processed by a meticulous version of Indonesia’s classic wet-hulled method, in which the fruit, after being pulped, is dried for a much briefer time than traditional washed processing would dictate. Leaving some mucilage on the beans allows existing microorganisms to begin to metabolize the sugars, acids, and other compounds, resulting in a distinct flavor profile — earthy, chocolaty, deep — and a particularly rich, full body.

Roasting techniques determine which characteristics of the green coffee to emphasize. Because the wine parallel here is Cabernet Sauvignon, we went with a darker profile that accentuates the deep-toned nature of this coffee, which is a direct result of its terroir. It’s best brewed at a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:15 at a temperature of approximately 204 degrees Fahrenheit. Grind size should be determined by your specific brew method. Because this is a darker-roasted coffee, it makes for an excellent cappuccino or other milk-based drink.

Tasting Notes:
This coffee's plush, viscous mouthfeel and chocolate-driven aromatics, with undertones of toasted cedar in the mid-palate and finish, and black cherry as a subtle through line, evoke the depth and grandeur of world-class California Cabernet Sauvignon.

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