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K. LAZ Power Trio 3-Pack

K. LAZ Power Trio 3-Pack

Mad Fritz Brewery K. LAZ Power Trio 3-Pack - K. Laz Wine Collection
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Owner Nile Zacherle and I caught up yesterday to create this special K. LAZ Power Trio 3-Pack exclusively for you. While most know of Nile Zacherle as the winemaker at David Arthur, his passion is making great, artisan beer and even earned his BS in fermentation science while studying at UC Davis. This selection of beers is a diverse line-up offering authenticity of origin, style expression and complexity. They should be chilled upright (settles the yeast from natural carbonation) and poured carefully into your favorite wine stem or pint glass. These bottles are unique Belgian Swing Top bottles so if you prefer to have a glass and hold off, close the top and put back in the refrigerator for 1-3 days. All named after Aesop fables, this special Mad Fritz K. LAZ Power Trio includes one of each of the following 26.6oz beers (which equates to a little more than a wine bottle) 

- 1- 26.6oz Mad Fritz 'The Eagle's Nest' Double IPA

- 1- 26.6oz Mad Fritz 'The Fox & The Leapord' Doppelbock Lager

- 1- 26.6oz Mad Fritz 'Terroir Series- Napa' Ale

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