‘St. Eden' Red 2017

‘St. Eden' Red 2017

BOND ‘St. Eden' Red 2017 - K. Laz Wine Collection
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Budbreak occurred within a typical timeframe, and most of the year was quite uneventful, other than a minor hail storm in June, which required some diligent work from the team to remedy. Harvest commenced on September 1st and spread out over more than a month until the fire broke out. Fortunately, we had harvested all of the oldest vines from the vineyard pre-fires. The texture of St. Eden draws you into a harmonious interplay between levity and gravity. St. Eden’s virtue lies in this duo of its external beauty with intellectual depth. This vintage manifests more of its erudite character, displaying innumerous facets and details. The acidity is both fine and diffuse within a seamless texture that gains definition over an everlasting finish.

Sourced from select hillside estates, the Cabernet Sauvignon wines of BOND vividly demonstrate the range of Napa Valley's finest terroirs. From the more than eighty vineyards they have worked with over the past quarter century, they have slowly and vigilantly selected five sites. BOND became their covenant and shared commitment to produce only the best expression of the land. By way of this valuable experience, they had the opportunity to identify select properties that they felt had the potential to define the ‘Grand Crus’ of Napa Valley. These small hillside Cabernet vineyards, ranging in size from 7 to 11 acres, became the basis for the wines of BOND. Cory Empting began his career as the assistant winemaker to Bob Levy and now oversees winery and vineyard operations.

Technical Information
  • Country USA
  • Region Napa Valley
  • Appellation Oakville